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About Flavors From Bunny

Nicole grew up in Lima, Peru. Like nearly every Peruvian child, Nicole’s loved eating alfajores. Her Mom taught her many wonderful things in Bakery. Most importantly, sharing the meaning of love through desserts.
Once she moved to Los Angeles, Nicole’s fond memories of the mouth-watering aroma of alfajores swirling through her childhood home, inspired her to start baking for her family, their friends, neighbors and neighbors’ friends.
The love grew and a pastry business blossomed leading to Flavors from Bunny After much hard work and dedication, Nicole is delighted to share her artisanal, hand-crafted alfajores with you, so that you can create your own sweet memories. Taste the love that goes into every bite. It’s a hug in cookie form straight from Flavors from Bunny to you!