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Bunny Bites

Alfajores Jar (14 count) It’s a pleasure in a box. Two delicate, buttery, melt in your mouth cookies, filled with dulce de leche, sprinkled with powdered sugar and rolled in coconut. Enjoy our Artisanal, 100% hand-crafted Alfajores

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Product details

All purpose Flour, Butter (milk, salt) Eggs, Cornstarch, Natural vanilla extract, Lime, Powdered sugar, Coconut Flakes.

Contains eggs and milk

6 reviews for BUNNY BITES

  1. Alfonse

    Combine These Cookies With A Cold Glass Of Milk and You Will Eat The Entire Box. Great Decorative Cookies, Amazing With Milk! That’s How A Great Cookie Should Be, No Dunkin’ Allowed!!!
    Awesome! ?

  2. Angela

    These cookies are to die for!!!! They are so rich and flavorful, yet soft and silky filling inside. The caramel inside the cookie has the most divine flavor and the cookie itself is tender and light. I love the coconut on the outside as well. These are worth the money, believe me!!!! They are so special!!!! I can’t say enough good things about them. They freeze really well too. Freezing does not diminish their flavor at all. I have purchased these twice and will continue to treat myself again….love, love, love them!!!

  3. Matthew

    I was told they were very good. I’ve never tried them since I bought them as a gift but they said they were yummy!

  4. Tatyana

    These alfajores are the best!!! I’ve been looking everywhere close to my home and no one makes them around. I decided to order them online to fulfill my cravings. And they were awesome!!! You have found a returning client! Thanks so much!

  5. Ali

    I bought them before and I love them. Always fresh. Thank you!

  6. Karla

    Love that , I am going to order the big box next time.

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